Visit the new socially inclusive venue at Brighton


Here’s a delicious new way to support people with disability. Visit Inclusive Café, INC for short.

INC opened our doors in North Brighton in June 2018. We offer an inclusive menu that caters to different dietary needs in a family-friendly space just minutes from the beach. It’s not just our food that’s inclusive. INC provides employment for people of all abilities and as a Minda social enterprise, every purchase is invested back into supporting people with disability.


At INC, everyone is included in the yum!

Every member of the family gets something they love; hot pies, zingy salads, smashed avo (oh yes!), even spicy Thai curries.

Dine in, take away, perk up with a coffee or wind down with a cocktail. We offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


what does it mean to us? 

It means feeling connected, safe and supported, it means celebrating difference. The United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals to transform our world imagines a
society that by 2030 is fully inclusive of people with disability – Inclusive Café is our way of transforming this dream into a reality. Inclusion is what makes our communities stronger, it’s what makes our communities better. It’s about nurturing talent and creating real jobs for people of all abilities. Our ambition is to create inclusion and diversity, with room for all at Inclusive Café.

This is the essence of who we are, at INC.


How to find us?

Located just past Brighton Dunes, INC Cafe is situated on the Minda premises at Brighton, allowing for a socially inclusive dining venue that welcomes all.

MONDAY to FRIDAY   8.00 am – 3.00pm

Jack Fox Drive, North Brighton